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New Secure-it - Max Security Zipper

12 March 2014
it luggage
, the world’s most innovative luggage company, is addressing luggage security with its new Secure-it maximum security zipper.

A standard zipper can be broken into in seconds, using nothing more than a sharp object such as a ballpoint pen or screwdriver.  Personal belongings can be removed, or objects added – and the case reclosed without anyone knowing.  It could be hours before anyone realises what’s happened.

The Secure-it zipper is a revolutionary new design which uses two layers of strong teeth to prevent thieves from forcing entry or tampering with the case.

The Secure-it zipper is strong, durable and resilient.  The zipper is just as easy to use as a standard zipper and does not add any significant weight to the case.

With Secure-it zipper technology from it luggage, you can be assured that your case will stand up to attack from thieves – keeping your belongings safe and secure inside.

This superior defence is available on any case and as with all it luggage, all cases fitted with a Secure-it zipper come with a 10 year warranty.


21 August 2012
it luggage, one of the World’s most successful luggage companies, have developed and patented a truly iconic piece of luggage, designed to eliminate the struggle of juggling multiple cases at the same time as keeping the family safely together.

The Carry-Tow™ concept allows up to three pieces of Carry-Tow luggage, of any size, to be linked together, whether it is three small, three large or a mix of sizes. The luggage is linked together by an adjustable easy-snap link positioned at the top corners of each case. The first piece of luggage is connected to the second and, if required, a third case can be connected. Using the trolley handle of the first case, all cases can be pulled along together using just one hand. The weight of each case is distributed on to its own 4-wheel spinner system making transportation smooth and effortless.

The cases are made from durable 100% polyester fabric with a strong inner frame and interlocking zips. Soft side and top carry handles allow easy manoeuvring and its 3 internal and 3 external pockets provide ample additional storage space.

Available in small, medium or large, this clever, family-friendly luggage will provide families with a hassle-free journey and they will be left wondering how they ever managed without it. This exciting, revolutionary product will be a valuable addition to traditional luggage stock for family-focused retailers.

NEW Crosspack - the safer alternative to the traditional backpack

05 July 2012  

it luggage have launched an innovative new alternative to the backpack. The tough, lightweight holdall is designed to fit the shape of the body, sitting comfortably on the front hip, keeping belongings in sight, accessible and secure.

Made with tough, durable polyester, the new lightweight Crosspack holdall is designed to fit the shape of the body, sitting comfortably on the front hip, keeping belongings in sight, accessible and secure.  The position of the holdall can be easily adjusted by the strap making it suitable for all heights and sizes.   Available in a range of colours the Crosspack has multiple accessible pockets and a secure anti-theft system.    

Unlike the traditional backpack, the Crosspack puts no weight on the back and eliminates the need to repeatedly remove the pack to access belongings.  The new Crosspack has a patent pending for its unique design and also carries a 10 year warranty.  


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