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Put a little Zen in your life

24 January 2017 Our new Zen Lake hard side suitcase is literally a dream. Along with the usual 10 year warranty, this suitcase offers a superb 8-wheel glide, an expander which provides 25% extra space when you need it and a gorgeous hard shell print which protects all your gear.

In fact, it's Zen-sational! 

Are hotels really connecting with their customers?

08 June 2016 Whether on a holiday or a short city break, where we stay is all about service and attention to detail. When it comes to the accommodation, however, hotels don’t always get it right. Free Wi-Fi as a standard is more commonplace these days (catch up you slackers!) but the lack of in-room facilities is still painfully obvious in many places.


We now take 40% more gadgets away with us than we took five years ago. The amount of smartphones, tablets and kindle we stash in our carry-on has quadrupled in some cases.

We expect our hotel bedrooms to support technology. Simple as. Sockets that are too far away from the bed is a major frustration – and we would happily forgo the pointless landline in the room! Wireless charging points, universal chargers and in-room USB charging sockets should be as common as the packet of soft custard creams next to the kettle. And if the power in the room goes off when we take out the keycard – hotels should provide a second. Wi-Fi, of course, has to be a given – in fact, you keep your complimentary breakfast if it means we can be connected!

Smart Rooms

We love smart technology, and smart TVs are a must. Smart appliances, like auto barista machines for our early morning call would be a welcome bonus. Remotely-controlled operations – such as the air con – would appeal to everyone. Smart technology is becoming a key influencer in choosing one hotel over another.


While we desperately need our gadgets, a hotel’s focus on energy and sustainability is still important to us. A recent survey reports that over a third of us use more energy when we travel than when we’re at home. Despite this, unsustainable practices by hotels is regularly cited as a frustration by guests.

We would all willing become “eco-guests” if hotels provided an incentive for being environmentally friendly during our stay. A small discount (or voucher for next stay) for putting the power on stand-by, using less hot water or towels would be a win-win. 

IATA pauses the rollout of its Cabin OK initiative

19 June 2015 Following significant objection from consumer groups and some US airlines, IATA has paused the rollout of its Cabin OK initiative and beginning a comprehensive reassessment of the programme.

A full statement can be found here:

it luggage will continue to work alongside airlines and aviation authorites to provide a comprehensive range of cabin friendly luggage for all markets.  Any retailer or distributor who would like more specific advice should contact their account manager who will be happy to help.

IATA cabin size suggestion - How it affects consumers

11 June 2015 Cabin size luggage has been in the news recently following The International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) publication of guidelines for carry-on bag sizes.

We should first point out that the new dimensions suggested by IATA are guidelines only.  These guidelines do not form any kind of legislation and airlines are not bound to follow them. 

We cannot predict the decisions of the individual airlines, although we are monitoring the situation very closely.  To date, none of the airlines mentioned in the news reports have actually changed their policy in line with the guidance.

Because many airlines use the cabin allowance as a method of encouraging customers to travel with them, it wouldn’t necessarily be in their interests to standardise sizes if it led to them being uncompetitive.  Therefore we are not expecting overnight adoption of these guidelines by all airlines.

it luggage already produces products to suit the cabin requirements of local and international markets and we will continue to do so in line with airline policy.  Any retailer or distributor who would like more specific advice should contact their account manager who will be happy to help.

Ultimately, the decision is with the individual airline and we always recommend customers check with the specific airline before they travel.

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