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it luggage hooks up with Ethologie

13 February 2017 it luggage has hooked up with fashion brand, Ethologie, as part of its Autumn/Winter 2017 London Fashion Week show.

The collaboration will see our luggage appear on the catwalk for the very first time as Jasper Garvida reveals his latest collection of uber-stylish clothing.

The show takes place at The Bloomsbury Hotel 5pm on Sunday 19th February, and we have 2 pairs of tickets to give away for the event. Go to @itluggage on Twitter and for a chance to win.

Please note: ticket only, no travel, food or accomodation expenses offered.  

it Carries African Support

01 February 2017 Staff of the Summercroft School are heading out to the Biro Primary School & The Biro Kindergarten in the Namibian village of Mamono Biro with some educational treats for the children. At it luggage, we were proud to help out by supplying the cases for this trip.

The children speak the  ‘Hambukushu’ language, one of the 5 Kavango dialects, and live by the traditional laws of the land.  The village Chief Fumu is the ‘Honourable Erwin Monika Mbambu’.

The kids love soccer, fetch wild berries from the bush and 
fetch water daily from the river. Their favourite pastime is to play ‘mandambo’, picnic, play with sand. The children also fish, swim, model with clay and attend to goats and Nguni cattle.

They eat Mahango maize porridge daily and a treat is a piece of meat – and of course a ‘wiki’/ sweet (smiley face). Planting cabbage & spinach helps supplement their diet. They all dance very well and sing traditional songs – the women & girls weave baskets and some boys look after the cattle.  All kids help their parents in the Mahango Fields to prepare the soil, sow and later harvest the Mahango maize. One real joy is to ride in the makorro/dugout canoe. They have learned to live alongside dangerous animals as there are hippopotamus and crocodiles in the river. Elephants also show up ocassionally to drink the water.

Find out more about this great project & partnership at:
River Dance Namibia
The Summercroft Primary School LINK

5 Travel Tips

31 January 2017 Journeys are all about convenience and comfort, so here are 5 tips that can be easily applied to make your trip a smooth one. 

Pack smart: before leaving lay out all the gear you think you need for the trip - and then reduce it by half. That will be what you really need to take. 

Organize smart: many people are now stringing trips together, eg some leisure time after a business trip. S
o be organised and compartmentalise your stuff in your case.

Keep essentials handy: 
locate things like phones or glasses on the outside pocket of your case so they can be easily accessed.

Stay positive: Don't let travel stress get the better of you; some things are completely out of your control.

Luggage choice: match your choice of case to the travel occasion - using a different case for different trips adds fun and variety to your travels.  

it travel hack #23

24 January 2017 Save an empty plastic water bottle and refill it after passing through security. This will save having to buy expensive bottles of water in the airport. 

More hacks soon...

it travel hack #15

24 January 2017 If you forget your wall plug adaptor, don't panic! You can charge your mobile device via the USB slot on the back of any TV.

Sweet! More hacks later... 
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