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Below are some frequently asked questions from consumer customers about it luggage and our product range.

If you do not find the answer to a query you have please contact us at customerservice@itluggage.co.uk.

How do I clean my bag?

Hard shell cases, polyester and nylon surfaces can be effectively cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.

Where can I purchase it luggage?

it luggage is sold in major retailers and high street luggage chains throughout the UK, USA, Australia, China and throughout Europe.    You can purchase luggage through many of these retailers online or in store.  If you would like to know where it luggage is stocked in a particular area please email sales@itluggage.co.uk.  


What size case can I take into the cabin of an aircraft?

We always recommend you check with your chosen airline as to their on board criteria for luggage.

What does TSA Lock mean?

Travel Sentry® is a leading independent testing and standards organization. The Travel Sentry Approved Lock allows screening and customs officials (US only) to access your luggage without causing damage.

The TSA lock is an additional feature to many it luggage cases.

What does your product warranty cover?

Any it luggage product that comes with a warranty is covered for manufacturing defects only.  The warranty does not cover wear and tear or airline/common carrier damage.

What do I do if the airline has damaged my bag?

You should immediately file a claim with your airline or carrier. Check your luggage for any damage as soon as it comes off the baggage carousel as many carriers have time limitations for reporting damage claims.

Do I need to complete a product registration for warranty purposes?

You do not have to register for the warranty to be effective. Simply keep the receipt from your retailer with the purchase date and style number of the product purchased.

What do I do if my case is subject to a manufacturing fault?

If the product warranty is still valid, and less than one year old, you should return the case to your retailer with the appropriate proof of purchase and ask a member of staff to assess it.

If any fault on the case is deemed to be caused by a defect in materials or manufacturing then, under the conditions of the warranty, the retailer should offer to replace or repair the product. 

If the product is more than a year old then you will need to write to customerservice@itluggage.co.uk including photographs of the fault, the circumstances that led to the fault, and a copy of your proof of purchase.   Please note that warranty claims are processed in order of receipt and we ask for your patience in peak travel periods. 

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